Sports-Office-hotel complex on the street. Hrushevsky 1-b

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The concept of construction of sports-Office-hotel complex on the street. Hrushevsky, 1-b, in Pechersky district. gta 5 download on pc. Kiev provided pre-design works on the land plot with the area of 1.2515 HA download cyberduck. The design stage - pre-project proposals. The current situation of buildings and structures on this site, landscaping at the moment does not meet the modern requirements to the massively popular establishments sports destination, Therefore, there is a need for reconstruction to improve the efficiency of land use in the central area of Kiev epson stylus sx410 driver download free. The station can accommodate Sports-Office-hotel complex.

Sports-Office-hotel complex on the street facebook comment. Hrushevsky, 1-b
The concept provided:
• Exemption from territory separately constructed buildings for complex development opportunities, effective use of the site download games for android for free.
• Wrap outdoor tennis courts in the internal structure of complex, that would allow the holding of sports events at any time of the year, creates comfortable conditions for spectators Download youtube videos as mp3 on mobile.
• Underground parking is designed taking into account the use of differential relief autocad lt download german free.
• On the ground floor you can use the roof base part under landscaping, which organically combines complex with Park area download.
• Office and hotel part of the complex is built on the basis of the principle of "the terrace" architecture, repeats the ABRIS terrain park area, and serves as the background buildings, revealing the natural aesthetics of historical landscape m dxf letters for free. Kiev.

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