Architects are endowed to create the world


Architects are endowed to create the world, though not everyone fulfills this mission merely in the aspect of streets. Personal space, being constructed through subject design , will allow countenance of the human universe to be created. Modern art inclines, towards installations keeping an eye on nature of the civilized world. The planet is rocking by people, and moral values are going to be destroyed at high speed. Separate fragments are coming into contact with the chaos of being and give, birth to a new sense of composition.

Look of the modern observer requires familiar forms and unprecedented discoveries.
Artist Alexey Kutsalo offers unusual creations, but clear to him. Standing close by installation, you are ruminating and enjoying the deep meaning inherent in it. Harmonious architectonic, is inherent in his projects, though is present even in tin.


Desecration of society, that declined censorship limitations in the art of modernism, is now looking in mirrors of show-rooms. Cross, is concealing the essence of learning and uniting domes, as well as gains the secondary interpretation. Centuries of speculations by Christian ideas open a sign of social conflicts. So, well-known layers of meaning , will increase , a philosophical depth of the installation “Bloody Money”. Physical depth of ripples in tangible touch is presented by the author’s conception.


A replacement spiritual asset by pop culture pleasures is presented in the installation “Brave New World”. Since the epoch Andy Warhol's art (!) (who was Ukrainian) neither American nor European art has not be able to reject expressiveness in the form of everyday forms in macro measurements. The installation three meters high is a tribute to the modern vision, but not to the architectural education of a creator. Destructiveness of material interests is pierced by spear of moral justice.


The ability to have brilliant control , over monumentality is not often seen in gigantomania of postmodernist artists, nevertheless this is specialty of Alexey Kutsalo. His impressive "Spacesuit of soul ..." made a brilliant display in the international competition Future Generation Art Prize 2010. Exterior of the installation allows observer to become an active participant in searching the sense of life. This is a contiguity of reality and personal microcosm of a helpless man. Natural size of the installation “hurts” imagination by the reality of the given image.

Interactivity and conceptuality of modern art is confirmed by Alexey Kutsalo’s creations in accordance with architectural logic.


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