Metropolitan jewel of Ukrainian culture – The Museum of the history of religions "


From time immemorial, museums were the main reservoirs of the centuries-old history and rich traditions. Today we are witnessing the birth of a new Ukraine, and its true foundation. Strength of spirit and sense of self-worth - key points, Thanks to which we can live better: be even freer, yet wiser.

To write a story, honoring and remembering their past. Because developed an amazing draft, able to piece together the legacy of many religious cultures, which merged into informative symbiosis under the name "the Museum of the history of religions". It is situated in a picturesque place is the metropolitan area reconstruction of Mystetsky arsenal in the heart of Ukraine.


The design was a talented architect Alex Kutsalo, to understand the importance of religious heritage for culture and development of Kyiv. You need to take into account the, that a significant contribution to the realization of this idea made a celebrated architect Eduard Antonovich Bil′skij. Eduard Antonovich creativity does not leave indifferent many Ukrainians, because it can be called a true example of architecture in Kiev the second half of the 20th century. Among his works are: Palace Of Pioneers, Kyiv central station and modern microdistrict Vinedresser. Even today, contemporary architects admire data projects regards Tony., the author of the idea, He was a party to many international and national competitions. Among his entries - Tower falls-Marian "in modern architecture in Dubai (U.A.E).

What is a project of the Museum of the history of religions "?


First, It would be desirable to note the nuance, the nemuvsâ terrain of culture and religion of the capital would be turned into a pedestrian zone. It starts from the eternal glory, the famine Museum (St. Lavra), and ends with the Museum of the history of religions, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and "Mysteckim arsenal".

The whole area is completely landscaped, that makes it possible to uncover a huge space and underscore every architectural reminder. An unusual touch for a big area is the Noah's Ark. Here adults and children not only interesting to spend time, but to study the history of religion.


The whole architecture of the Museum is connected with sacred geometry and the foundations of architectural design. His image is as simple as possible, to ensure genuine harmony with the environment. The building is a monumental composition, consisting of major and minor elements. The dominant part of a cylinder, the emerging movement of spirals. The golden mean or, simply put, "spiral of life", constitutes the path to the viewing platform, creating unique interior space.


It should be noted, the Museum consists of three buildings: input, the exposition and the administrative. All of them are connected by three floors, You can navigate between them for a few seconds, because the vertical relationship between them are modern high speed panoramic lifts and ramps.

Development of architectural space and fantasy can be seen immediately from the entrance hall of the Museum. The light passes through the Atrium, completion of a dome, symbolizing its form "flower of life". String waterfall and underwater world with the mythological sculptures, which are symbols of the history of Atlantis and mythical gods-another pleasant surprise for Museum visitors. In the Museum there are the chic exhibition halls, inside of which can be found as a permanent, and change the exposure. On the ground floor you can also find and a standard set of services, among which: bathrooms, spacious wardrobe, Excursion Bureau, souvenir shop, cozy Café, Ticket Office, protection and many other components of the modern museum complex.

The second and third floor will surprise guests great avanzalom and final Exposition halls. It is worth noting, that draft provided for special "green terrace", that will create more space for display and exhibitions right in the street, where will be introductory lessons, devoted to the history of religions. In addition, the complex will have space for plain-airs, where will be able to express themselves as sculptors, and artists.


Sincerely hope, It will be noticed and will get a chance to implement, It includes many cultural and educational functions, unparalleled. The Museum of the history of religions "is capable of giving Ukraine a chance to have their" piece "a unified cultural and educational and tourist complex in the heart of the country.

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