Reconstruction of the Museum of local lore in the city. Town (Khmelnytsky Oblast.)

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Gorodocskij district local history museum can rightly be called a real treasure history. As the Museum building he originates from 6 June 1969 g., When the district House of culture, two rooms, seven exhibitions were opened, numbering 768 exhibits. In 1993 the Museum moved to a new building with total area of 340 sq.m., located in the heart of the city.
Today, the Museum operates eleven exhibition halls. The Museum has 4000 storage units.

Worth to see:

- a unique find of trypillya period

- fragment of a clay figure of a snake (IV th. BC);

- Map of Baroness Natalia Geismar 1863;

- The "universal" tractor 1934 year, only active in CIS;

-first all-wheel-drive tracked motorcycle - transformer, supervsûdihid.

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