Reconstruction of the stadium "Dynamo" Valeriy lobanovskyy

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The concept of reconstruction of the stadium "Valeriy Lobanovskyi " with the construction of a multipurpose complex on the street. Hrushevsky, 3, in Pechersky district. Kiev provided pre-design works on the land plot with the area of 8.1 HA. The design stage - pre-project proposal.

During the great patriotic war, the stadium was severely damaged. With 1956 g. in the newly completed Stadium held matches reservers Dynamo. In 1956-66 Gg. the stadium was reconstructed (Architects m. And. Grechina and and. I. Khomenko). The stadium was renovated again in 1977-1980 g. in preparation for the Olympic Games - under the requirements of the international soccer organizations. The stadium has four metallic towers (soffit) for spotlights. The last major renovation was in the early 1990 's.

Stadium "Valeriy Lobanovskyi " the name in the. Lobanovsky is located in the central part of the city and today does not meet the requirements of the facilities of the sports destination. To improve the use of the stadium reconstruction needed. On the instructions of the customer, this must be multifunctional Stadium.

The concept of reconstruction provided:

• Exemption from separately constructed buildings (parking, the Hall fight, technical buildings) for the possibility of increasing the area of land improvement, the establishment of a buffer zone near the stadium. A monument in honour of football players of Dynamo Kyiv, killed during the great patriotic war, including participants "Match of death» and monument. Lobanovsky advisable move according to the new scheme of improvement, where provided for under the new accommodation place, that will show the data more visitors in the monuments of the unfolded and will form a new perception of history of Kiev.

• Preservation of the arch the main entrance to the stadium.

• Preservation of the character of the stadium "Valeriy Lobanovskyi " - spotlights, that according to the concept maintain their location relative to the stadium Bowl. In order to achieve more effective lighting of the stadium Bowl geometry of the ring changes.

• Increasing the capacity of the stadium by creating a second tier of seats for spectators. Changing the geometric configuration of the stands, in order to achieve the effect of the presence of a sports match by reducing the distance from the Viewer to the football field. To increase the comfort of the visitors provided a cover above the stands.

• Underground parking is provided at the Bowl Stadium.

• Office, retail space, catering establishments, apartments form the wrapper around the stadium Bowl and give the possibility to create an updated image of mass modern multipurpose complex.