"Marian"/"Waterfall Burj Marjan" (Dubai, U.A.E)

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Composition of the tower "waterfall Marian is on the principles of truth, goodness and beauty. The idea of the Tower has been the decision to create an extraordinary composition of water, metal, concrete and glass. Forming the tower is built in the shape of a flower, Marjan, that is one of the symbols of the U.A.E..

A conceptual matrix. The crystal water of the cryogenic Chamber

Schema master plan

The project is developed on the basis of the design task and the conditions of competition, as well as building codes. Object of design is located in the central part of the city of Dubai, the Zaabeel Park. The decision is supposed to be the organic inclusion of an object into the existing structure of the Park. The goal is a symbol of, that will attract locals and tourists. The main access roads and walking is made from three directions: South-East , Southwest and Northwest object. Provides for the expansion of existing parking areas. The technological loading is carried out by the South-western entrance. The project provides for the creation of an artificial pond with fountains. The Central Waterfall fountain - Marian high 170 m, creates a kind of emphasis in the development of the city.

Planning decision

On the mark "-3.50 is: 3 Conference halls with a total area- 480 sq. m.; Library - 160 sq. m.;Technological facilities of the restaurant- 240 sq. m.. Engineering construction of premises- 89,95 sq. m.; toilets - 38 sq. m.. At "0.00" are elevators, lift halls, toilets, cashier. "mark 139.00 is located observation platform and a two-level restaurant (150 sq. m.). Vertical touch the top and bottom of the tower is secured by means of two guest, one official and two technological lifts, as well as nezadymlâemoj evacuation stairs.

Design solution

The main constructive scheme is 3 pylon located under 120 degrees to each other. The central core of hardness, made of metal structures, contains also the lift unit and the engineering systems. Horizontal connection components provide bowls, the water circulation. All rooms are equipped with modern ventilation systems. Each point of the space theme permeates the water, that provides a favorable microclimate for each room. Energy Tower is produced by solar panels.