LCD Status Grad»

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Residential complex "Status Grad is situated in one of the most prestigious districts of Kiev - "Osokorki», on the Dnieper embankment, go from Metro 100 m walk.
District still young (began to be built up 20 years ago), but already formed infrastructure, that is rapidly razvivavaetsâ. In the area there is an increasing business activity and partial transfer it from the center of Kiev.
As well as the, "Osokorki» attract kievans its excellent sandy beaches of the Dnieper, many lakes and greenery. Than not paradise capital? The pride of the area, and it is near to our residential complex - world famous cruising Yacht Club, which was founded in the late 60-ies of the 20-th century.
"Status Grad» - unique modern residential complex of new generation, for those, who are used to the quality of life of the European level, for those, who is able to appreciate all the benefits of living in a modern house modern metropolis.


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