Black Sea Villa . Pharos (Autonomous Republic Crimea)

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The image of the House was chosen as simple and clean to, How can functionally to ensure harmony between the inner space with an external.
The House has an elongated rectangular shape so, as this allowed the Orient on the kind and give sufficient coverage of all premises. The House represents a static composition, consisting of several elements, the major and minor parts. The House is divided into three parts, namely: built-up area, Guest and entertainment. All three parts are distributed between the three floors and clearly linked to the.
On the ground floor (in the main part of the): entrance group, wardrobe, Gallery, guest bathroom and an elevator. On the same floor there is a family dwelling unit with its own kitchen, games room and three bedrooms, aimed at Southeast. Each bedroom has a dressing room and a bathroom with a view of the sea. Also on the ground floor there is a room with private bathrooms and a walk-in pantry.
Dwelling unit combines the harmony of human and nature. Each room is an individual piece of paradise overlooking the sea.
On the second floor guest room with the second placed light, Dining room, guest kitchen, cinema and two guest bedrooms. There is also a yard, where is the gazebo on the water. The aim of this concept is, to make peace, that is the place, where a person could think, think and feel the real freedom sensations. Composition of an object is a combination of stone, water and nature. It is these materials emphasize the artistic expressiveness of gazebos. Constructive system is 4 columns, that, in turn, are connected by metal beams. Also a gazebo equipped with floor heating and water.
On the third floor is an entertainment unit, which includes everything necessary for human comfort. All rooms have a well-planned functional scheme in compliance with all requirements of the functional processes, which they occur, namely:
• swimming pool, Sauna, gym;
• bar, billiard room, Jacuzzi
• access to the inner Park
• three guest rooms;

A small indoor swimming pool "flick of the wrist" can transform into pool outdoors, a sliding glass partition will comfort between seasons in case cooling. Raznovysokaâ composition helps organically building perceive it with different generic points. The dominant feature of the building is a space of living room, striking with its static level and unique world window. This space prepares the visitor to plunge into the whirlpool of calmness and prepares for the incredible landscape, which opens on the terrace.
Decision plans and facades of concise, that reflects the nature and structure of the building. Brevity facades promotes moderate color solution.
Total monumentality designs and "clean" solution of facades allow stress given in the interpretation of the concept of space. Such a home should be both respectable and comfortable, status and stylish, inviting to relaxation and enjoying life.