Well conducted pre-project phase provides all initial data for the next stages and is the first " starting point" for the customer. In addition , intelligent pre-project solutions help us to avoid errors in the documentation at the project stage and stage of detailed design. High-quality pre-project documentation allows, is needed, check out the conceptual and economic practicability of the initial ideas.
More scrupulously in early the main issues will thought out, the less time and costs will be spent on "remakes" and project documentation. To chose optimal technical solution is easier , when you understand, what are going to do and how will you further develop.

Why do we need a pre-project documentation?

First of all pre-project documentation, is needed, as a point of support-we need something to rely on when making decisions. It's great, when this support is objective. The main objective of pre-project documentation is to make a definitive statement. To respond to the question, "What, for whom and how are we making?" and receive the data, "Is it worth doing at all?». Successful pre-project documentation serves as an excellent basis for writing functional requirements, technical specifications, user documentation, strategic plan, press releases; as well as to agree on details of the project with related departments and management. In addition, a successful pre-project documentation let to accurately foresee the amount of costs on developing of the object and to make the budget of the entire object .

4 - copy

Reconstruction of "Valeriy Lobanovskyi " Dynamo . Stadium in city of Kyiv. Ukraine

Objectives of the concept:

  • location of the object at the site in terms of standard indicators (relatively to the surrounding buildings, pedestrian and transport accessibility, insolation characteristics, balance of the territory, etc.)
  • identification of the main technical and economic indicators (profitability assessment of the development of the site as a whole);
  • identification of the function and the image of the object (in accordance with the customer’s vision and possibilities of modern designs and materials);
  • basic construction planning schemes taking into account zoning and . others necessary factors.

The result is a well-founded decision site. Understanding by customer volumes of construction and investment. The album can be the basis for further design.

What is included to the standard set of pre-project design documents?

  1. Explanatory note, accompanying the pre-design proposal (on request).
  2. Indication of the basic technical and economic parameters of the future project.
  3. Designed situational plan.
  4. The master plan.
  5. Several plans of the future building.
  6. Represented future project in the context of the sectional view.
  7. Represented future project in the context of the perspective view.
  8. At the request - facades of buildings.

It should be noted, that part of the pre-project proposals may differ depending on assigned tasks. Cost of services is formed individually, depending on the complexity and detail of performed works. Materials are delivered to the customer in the form of albums and optionally in digital form.

We also work out in the development of the concept of facades.



Villa in. Foros (Autonomous Republic Crimea)

Designing of private houses and cottages.

After formalization of all necessary documents to land, a person begins to think in what house , where he would like to live. And after that a person begins to review colorful magazines , visit online resources, study finished projects of private houses or cottages. And often a person is faced with two problems:

  • to use a ready-made project and make changes to it, because. tastes and preferences are different and accordingly you would like to change something for yourself.
  • you come up with the idea , that you need an individual design. In your own house should be comfortable, cozy and all should be in harmony.


Therefore, we recommend to work out an individual project , which will be exclusive, where everything is projected according to your wishes. Development of design of a private home or cottage includes:

  1. Development of the concept, choice of stylistic directions and space-planning decision
  2. Development of the architectural project
  3. Issuance of technical requirements for the implementation of utilities

The duration of the work depends on the size of premises and specific wishes of the customer. It may start from 2 months.

Cost of services is formed individually, depending on the complexity and detail of performed works. Materials are delivered to the customer in the form of albums and optionally in digital form.



The interior design includes several main stages, each of which can be ordered separately.

The design stage:

  1. Schematic design project. (SP)
  2. Detailed design project. (DP)

Stages are differing by composition of different documentation , that makes a set.
Schematic design project does not allow to fully coming in view of all details of the future interior. Basically, it is ordered by the ones, who are going to make repairs on their own, but they lack imagination or skill to position correctly in the room furniture and equipment, It is also composed of 3D images of each room .

Detailed design project is ordered by people , who want to be sure, that every centimeter of space functionally and technically thought out in conformity with design. Therefore, detailed design project, in addition to general construction drawings and 3D images of rooms, includes more detailed wall elevation and drawings with technical specifications for placement of utilities (electric . implications for the equipment, sockets, switches, water and sewage systems, heating points).

Once DESIGN PROJECT is ready you can begin reparations. And now you can order the AUTHOR'S SUPPORT.. In simple words - the author of the project examines the work of builders - so "so they "do not screw up". The author solves problems arising from the supply of materials, including the replacement of analogue if necessary. In any construction there are problems . and a person leading supervision settle such problems, an author . In general, an author assumes the headache of the customer and competently supervises the construction and decoration to the moment , when, the work, is accepted by the customer.

work out in object design and design of exhibition stands.


Author's support includes:

  1. Conformity control of the performed works to design project.
  2. Making necessary changes to the project
  3. Preliminary selection of kitchen furniture, cabinet and upholstered furniture, appliances, electrical , floor coverings, decorative and finishing materials, millwork, lighting equipment, air conditioners, sanitary equipment.
  4. Decoration of premises (objects of art, accessories, selection of textiles )